St Thomas, Heighington

St Thomas' is not actually a Parish Church, since it exists with Heighington within the same parish boundary as St John's, Washingborough. It is classed as a "Chapel of Ease". Nonetheless, there is a service at St Thomas' every Sunday, with the exception of the Benefice Service.

 St Thomas



St Thomas' Church
Potterhanworth Road

GPS Coordinates

N 53.21172 W 000.45903


Sunday Services

1st - Family Communion & Sunday School at 9:30am
2nd - Family Service at 9:30am
3rd - Family Communion & Sunday School at 9:30am
4th - Morning Prayer & Sunday School at 9:30am
5th Sunday - Benefice Service at 10:30am
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A Brief History of St Thomas'

Heighington Parish Council