Meals for the elderly and vulnerable

You will know that schools are closing to most pupils from this Friday. You will also know that Washingborough Academy has an excellent kitchen and produces good school meals.

The head, Jason O’Rourke, has communicated to us today his wish to try to provide lunches on request (to be paid for I presume) to any elderly and vulnerable people in the community who may need such a service or would be interested in using it.

Meals could be provided but we would need someone in the community to offer to collect and deliver them.

Perhaps you could respond as soon as possible indicating if

  1. You might be interested in receiving such lunches on request
  2. You know of anyone in the community who migh be willing to help with collecting the meals from school and delivering them to those requesting them.

Keep safe.  Look forward to hearing from you.

Keith Swann
Mobile: 07810 835753
Work: 01522 790315
Email: [email protected]