Organ Rota

Washingborough with Heighington

October 1st 2016 to 1st Jan 2017


                Heighington                                             Washingborough


October     2nd   Pam Rix                     Joint Harvest at the Methodists

                 9th    Pam Rix                                     Mick Bowbanks          

                16th   Ivor Colleshaw                            David Howard                            

                23rd   Cynthia Logan                             Margaret Dowlman                             

                30th (United Benefice Service at Heighington)

                             Mick Bowbanks                                   ----------                   


November 6th    Ivor Colleshaw                            Pam Rix                                    


                11th  There will be a service of Remembrance for 11am at all 3churches

                        if an organist is needed Volunteers will be required


                13th  Pam Rix                                     David Howard                             Remembrance Sunday           (Parade Service at St Johns 10.50 a.m.      


                20th   Mick Bowbanks                          Margaret Dowlman

                27th   Cynthia Logan                             Mick Bowbanks                  


December 4th    Ivor Colleshaw                            Pam Rix                            

                11th   Pam Rix                                     David Howard    

                18th  no 0930 Service                           Margaret Dowlman

                        Carols 6.30pm  Mick Bowbanks           ---------             

                21st Wednesday -----------                    David Howard

                                                                (9 Lessons & Carols 7.30p.m)  


                   22nd Thursday Christingle  4.00p.m.             ------------

                            Pam Rix                                                                            

                24th   Saturday    ---------                      Christingle  4.00p.m.                                                                                              Pam Rix            

                                                                        Midnight mass  11.30p.m.

                                                                     David Howard            

                25th Christmas Morning 10,00a.m.         ----------------

                     Mick Bowbanks                                                                  


January      1st    Cynthia Logan                                     Pam Rix