Calendar Of Events

Lent Course - St John's

Session 3 - Jesus carried the hopes of God.

Hymn - Lord of all hopefulness.

Please bring a Bible with you.

Meetings will be held in the Lady chapel, St John's church, Washingborough

These meetings are open to everyone. There will be six sessions, based on the imaginative and inspirational writings of Stephen Cottrell, Bishop of Chelmsford and soon to be Archbishop of York.

Each session will start at 7.30 and run for about an hour on a Thursday evening. There will be a hymn, a reading and some time to reflect. For two of the sessions you are asked to bring an item with you to aid your reflection.

Please take as much from the event as you wish, you are invited to take part or simply to listen and observe. There will NOT be a test!

Lent is a spiritual journey, from darkness to light, accompanied by the lengthening of days. It is good to have companions on a journey, please join us.