Parish Office


Plans for a Parish Office

You may have heard of plans to develop the Smith Philipson room (the room in the North East corner of St John's Church) into a Parish Office, but what exactly does this mean? What is being proposed and what is involved?

A Parish Administrator

The eventual idea is to have a paid Parish Administator (in reality a Benefice Administrator, since All Saint's Canwick will benefit from this) who will work about 15 hours a week on behalf of the Benefice. Some of the work of the Parish Administrator will be routine day to day administration tasks such as processing paperwork for Weddings, Funerals, etc and maintaining Rotas and Diaries. However the role will be more than that, since the Administrator will have the important role of promoting the church in the Benefice. He or she will have to "Meet and Greet" any visitors to the church and be able to provide them with any information they might need, or at least point them in the right direction. Just as important is that the Church will be open during normal office hours from Monday to Friday. It is anticipated that the Parish Administrator will be present for half of the time and the rest of the time the church will be manned by volunteers.

What changes are being made?

Parish Office Changes PDF

The PDF above shows the proposed changes to the room. In reality the changes are not major. The main physical changes are that the door to the Kitchen area will be moved to the middle of the adjoining stud wall and the toilet door will also be moved back to be flush with the adjoining stud wall. This will make the kitchen area more usable and access to the toilet will not interfere with access to the kitchen as is the case now. New heaters will be installed to ensure that the Office space is properly heated, a necessary change if someone is going to be working in there for long periods of time. A broadband internet connection will be installed, with wired access points and also a wireless router, so that visitors can have the benefit of internet access. Internet access will also be necessary for the Administrator to do their job. A phone (land line) will also be installed in the office. Modern LED lighting will be installed to replaced the existing flourescent lighting. A computer (with associated screen, keyboard and mouse) and a network printer will be purchased so the Administrator can maintain documents and print off any documentation or leaflets that may be required.

What stage is the work at currently?

The installation of the Broadband requires a full faculty, since we (or at least Virgin Media) have to dig across the grave yard and drill a hole through the wall in the toilet. The faculty has been submitted and the Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) have given the faculty their support. We now have to advertise locally, for 28 days, the changes that we are proposing, so that people can raise objections if they feel the need to do so. Once the 28 day period is complete the application goes to the Chancellor who will over the next few weeks hopefully grant the faculty.

The changes to the office area do not actually require a faculty and can be done under what's known as "List B" changes. This was formally known as an Archdeacon's De-Minimus. The level of documentation required however is pretty much the same amount as would be required for a faculty. This documentation is almost complete. Since this is not being done under a faculty, the actual process should be much less onerous than for the broadband installation.

How is it being funded?

There is some money available in the church funds for undertaking such work, but perhaps not enough to cover the whole job. Happily, our Patron (The Mercers) have been particulary generous and supportive and with their help we have now secured all the necessary funds, not only to have the changes made to the office, but also to pay the wages of a Parish Administrator for at least 3 years

When will the work take place?

It depends on the Diocesan Office, but we are hoping to start in the early summer.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions regarding the Parish Office, please contact the Churchwardens at St. John's, either Jonathan Clark or Steve Townley.